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Accounting Systems



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Software Simplified has the expertise you need to properly set up your computer-based accounting system.


We will transfer your paper-based or inefficient bookkeeping system to any computerized accounting system and show you the best way for your unique company to use it.




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Software Simplified has been in the business of computerized accounting system setup, training and support since we opened our doors in 1994.  You can depend on us to give your the right advice right when you need it, whether you're just starting out, converting from another accounting system, or just want to find out all the tricks your current accounting package is capable of, we're here to help.


Software Simplified will set up your computerized accounting system, document it and train your employees.  When we walk out your door, you will have a fully functional system ready for daily processing, employees who know how to use it and a number to call if you need any help.

Accounting systems that we support include: QuickBooks, Peachtree, Quicken and others.  Sorry, no MAS90.  (Well, maybe if you twist my arm ;-)

Help you choose the accounting package that best meets your needs
Because we are familiar with a number of accounting packages (but don't sell any), we can help you get the most bang for your buck.  We will ask you a series of questions to determine what your current needs are, as well as what your future plans might be.  We'll also determine the level of control you want to have, the types of information you want to see, etc.
Configure the software to work with your business
Each software package has different strengths and weaknesses.  In addition, portions of the software can be customized for your specific uses.  It is generally best if customization takes place up front, before you enter your information.  This cuts down on confusion (hmm, should I use "bank fee" or "interest expense" for the late fee on my credit card?) and streamlines your workload.
Provide as much or as little help as needed
Every service offered by Software Simplified is completely customized.  This means, for example, that if your business won't be using the payroll module, we won't waste your time and money teaching you how to use it!  If you add employees later and decide payroll would be useful, we'll be happy to come back.
Explain basic accounting concepts in layman's terms
In smaller businesses, everyone wears many hats.  In many cases this means that the person responsible for the bookkeeping may not necessarily know the terminology.  We can help you become familiar with the basic concepts, the reasoning behind them and what they mean in terms of your business.
No one likes to open the user manual that comes with the software, but there are times when resorting to the documentation is necessary.  We will, if you wish, provide you with documentation that details the procedures that your office uses for specific tasks.  For instance, if you handle payments from individuals differently than payments from corporations, we'll document those processes for you.  Our documentation will be provided to you both as hardcopy and on diskette so that you can easily make modifications if your internal procedures change. This type of documentation is also extremely useful for new employees who come on board after the training sessions!
On-site training
Our training will take place at your office with your actual information, not in a classroom using a sample company.  If you have questions, you can ask them immediately.  And you'll never have to sit through a lengthy explanation of the 200% declining balance method of calculating depreciation that is only useful to the guy sitting two rows over who asked a question about it!
Phone support
Questions arise after the training is over.  You are absorbing a lot of information and you want to make sure that you are putting what you've learned to good use.  Phone calls are welcomed and encouraged.  We want to see you utilize the full capabilities of your accounting system.  And we don't want to have to come out and fix your mistakes (yes, it's more money for us, but it's depressing!  And having a large and happy group of successful customers is way better than money anyway ;-)

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Benefits to Your Company

  • Make the conversion process easier (we've done a lot of conversions!)
  • Speed up the time it takes to learn the software package
  • Information entered correctly from the outset - you won't need to go back and fix the mistakes you made because you didn't understand what the software wanted
  • You'll learn tips and tricks that you won't find in any manual
  • A phone number to call for direct support - no touchtone menus here!

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Reference Accounts

This is a new area of our site.  Software Simplified would NEVER breach the confidentiality of our customers.  Therefore, this section is under construction until we obtain express permission from some of them to use their names.  (-Barbara Meyer, September 9, 2001)

As an incentive, we will also provide links to their websites here to (hopefully!) generate some additional traffic, and therefore revenue, for them, too!

In the meantime, some overviews of prior projects are listed below.

A&B Properties: Real estate investment/management company in Independence, Ohio

Provided startup assistance.  Set up GL for handling real estate assets and transactions in QuickBooks.  Ongoing bookkeeping advice, year-end depreciation and tax assistance.

Insurance agency in Independence, Ohio

Provided consulting services to determine the most efficient method of tracking and paying commissions to agents using QuickBooks.  Created customized documentation and provided training and technical support.

Government building contractor in Strongsville, Ohio

Provide training and technical support for QuickBooks and general accounting issues.

Florist business in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio

Provided technical support to resolve existing problems encountered in using Peachtree.  Provided customized written documentation and training in Peachtree accounting and inventory control.

Trucking company in Elyria, Ohio

Transferred and reconciled accounting system data from Peachtree to QuickBooks.  Provided customized written documentation and training in QuickBooks accounting and payroll.

Country club located in Hudson, Ohio

Took a non-functional accounting/billing/point-of-sale system (Intellisoft AV32) that management was committed to and made it work.  Debugged errors and developed work-arounds, documented procedures, provided training and technical support.  When new management came on board I helped them locate a new accounting system that was designed for their type of business and get it up and running.

Telecommunications franchise office in Sydney, Australia

This service was provided on behalf of this company's corporate headquarters located in Beachwood, Ohio.  Provided training in proprietary Voice-Trac (A/R) software and FoxFire! report writing tool for FoxPro.  Performed a company-wide upgrade to new software versions.

Masonry company in Independence, Ohio

Transferred paper-based bookkeeping system to QuickBooks.  Provided customized written documentation and training in QuickBooks and QuickPay.

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